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Brilliant, devoted and genuine people from distinct backgrounds are fundamental for us to fulfill our purpose of evolving the medical world. We strive to unleash the power of human beings, globally and to provide a hub for culture that is inspired, inquisitive and truly happy.
Watch Sheraz Ahmed, Chief Operations Officer, describe how Katarina envisions to overcome the current global issues we face, with regards to improving the health of millions of individuals worldwide.

Happiness is the greatest form of health.

Gregory Krieger - CEO

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Health Emergency
in Afghanistan.

In need of dire humanitarian aid, the team travels to Maïmana, Afghanistan to treat the most severely impacted region hit by the Coronavirus.

Along with the support of the PHYSIS Foundation, a two week long mission has begun to support the local authorities in their efforts to contain the current morbid situation. Dr. Klaus Schustereder, experienced doctor in epidemic and infectious diseases, will update us on the progress.

Our values


At Katarina, the diversity of our employees is seen as one of our most celebrated gifts. We do everything that is needed to make sure every single person is fully integrated. Our diversity is not only evident at the heart of our business, but also through the scope of areas and the broad spectrum of services that we offer our clients around the globe.
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Committed to social causes and sustainability, at Katarina we do not limit our activities on this topic to social, environmental and economic. They are a part of who we embody and are reflected in our behaviour towards all.


The Katarina team is committed to pursue the 3️rd Sustainable Development Goal. Each and every Katarina employee is driven by the mission to enable everyone to live in good health and ensure well-being of all at all ages!

The team


Gregory Krieger
Chief Executive Officer

Sheraz Ahmed
Chief Operations Officer

Anthony Fasano
Chief Technology Officer

Medical experts.


Dr. Gilles Tardieu
Medical practitioner

General practitioner of two distinct medical practices in Villeneuve and Territet. The Doctor Tardieu has close to 40 years of medical experience and is considered as one of the most reputable professionals in the Swiss Riviera, with over 15'000 unique patients under his personal supervision.

Dr. Klaus Schustereder
Medical practioner

Medical manager of Centre médical Gare de Vevey and President of the PHYSIS Foundation, the Doctor Schustereder is an internationally renown health professional. After his efforts to treat epidemic diseases, he has participated in numerous humanitarian projects that aim to favour individual and collective evolution.

Thibault Mounard

Pharmacist at the Pharmacie du Jazz in Montreux and Expert Nutritionist, Mr. Mounard has been a pillar of local support, especially during the recent times of need. He prides himself with the high quality of services and educational services provided within his establishment.

Guillaume Favre-Gillioz
Medical radiology technician

Experienced medical radiology technician, Mr. Favre-Gillioz has worked at various Hospitals and Clinics, including the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV) and Clinique de Genolier. His ability to understand complex medical environments, makes him best fit to overview the Quality Management of Katarina's services.

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