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The first patient-centric hackathon in Switzerland has just kicked off. It is time to explore new ways to innovate in digital healthcare, bringing the health ecosystem around the patient!
Principles to follow: patient-centric, aspirational, relevant and scalable, feasible, supported, visibility and continuity.
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It is time to explore new ways to innovate in digital healthcare, bringing the health ecosystem around the patient.

Imagine patients sharing their insights and everyday needs arising from dealing with their health conditions; not only being heard, but actively listened to…. 
That there is a team of professionals, experts and tech enthusiasts that support these patients to turn their challenges into ideas for feasible solutions… A crowd of highly savvy digital talents offering their skills during a two-day hackathon to create first proof of concept solutions for the patient’s challenges… That the best of these proof-of-concepts are presented to a world-class international conference of digital health innovators to find ways to continue beyond the hack stage…
During a two-day event, patients, caregivers, software engineers, as well as healthcare innovators will join forces to co-create tangible proof-of-concept solutions to real world challenges.


We will keep you updated on our progress in the following thematic areas:

Awareness and literacy

Data interoperability

Sharing within patient

Measurement of
causal factors

Timeline - Event Kick-off !

1st week - Onboarding phase

We created our online personal
and corporate profiles

We started by creating our personal profiles, as well as our corporate ones on the website of the Health Hack. This was our very first step of the event which allowed us to have access to all the information we needed to start the creation process!

The team got familiar with the various challenges

Our challenge problematic

As a chronic patient, I want to be able to collect all my different records in one place so that I can pull them out immediately if needed... with still ongoing treatment and diagnosis I face several problems and stress due to multiple health documents being stored at different specialists' locations.

The second step was to take in all the information at our disposal and extract what was really important to develop the application with these needs in mind. Given the amount of information, we shared out the work load and at the end of the day, put it all together to have a file composed of what seemed to be the main focuses.

This allowed to outline what our challenge would be: Create a mobile application to store the patients health documents that is accessible to the medical professionals that need it. This will allow less cumbersome medical tests and better diagnosis. It should allow as many types of document formats as possible.

We brainstormed together and created diverse touchpoints with peers, patients and of course the organizers.

With all of this information in mind, we started the creation process by brainstorming together and defining the main points that needed to be developed. Everyone in the team got their fair share of creation, research or testing. This will allow us to get a working first version pretty rapidly, what is meant is that we could then present the first version to some patients and health professionals to get a first feedback.

2nd week - Ramp up phase

Health Hack presentations are just
around the corner

The project is right on track, we presented our work to a patient to have her feedback on what had been done. Their first impression was pretty encouraging and allowed us to highlight a few elements that might pose a problem. Thankfully, we were able to address them quickly!

Before delivering the completed project to the jury, final sprint is coming up…. Nobody knows what to expect, as the Chief Technical Officer of Katarina, Anthony Fasano comments on this →

"It is hard to tell what might go wrong during the final sprint, in fact the deep testing might reveal some problems that could be time consuming to fix but luckily our team can solve the hardest problems even with their hands tied behind their back, so fingers crossed for the final sprint" 🤞

Currently the IOS and Android applications are working quite well and the communication feed from health professionals to patients is finalised. Still some features need a bit more testing and might be subject to minor modifications to be assured that everything will run as smooth as possible to allow the users to have a flawless experience. Stay tuned!


3rd week - Final sprint

Proof of concept.

Stay tuned with our Katarina's
live updates directly from
DayOne Health Hack!

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Big thanks to our team members who made it possible!
Name / role: Contribution:
Gregory Krieger
Chief Executive Officer
Research, brainstorming with doctors and patients. Legal and compliance research. Global management. Pitching. Coding here and there.
Anthony Fasano
Chief Technology Officer
Cloud infrastructure, security, API creation to POST data to the mobile app, interconnection between the web app and mobile app.
Sheraz Ahmed
Chief Operation Officer
Public relations, marketing and communication, brainstorming, data gathering.

Julien Schmitt
UI / UX Designer
User experience research and user interface design for the mobile app. Design of the hackaton page and all marketing content. Global marketing lead.
David Hausmann
Marketing intern
UX/UI research, marketing and communication content creation. Organization of the brainstorming sessions. App testing.

Jørgen Andersen
Mobile Developer
Development of the Katarina for patients app. UX/UI assistance.
Denys Nikitin
Back-end Developer
Web application back-end development to allow users the share document to the mobile app.
Stanislav Petrov
Front-End Developer
Front-end development for the web application new document view/sharing system. Development of the page you're currently checking ;)

S. R
Patient champion
Patient who shared her journey going through very tough post-surgical complications with us, and advised us.
E. T
Patient champion
Patient who shared her journey going through breast cancer with us, and advised us.
Lionel Moyard
Patient and co-worker
Patient who shared his journey going through very tough post-surgical complications with us, and advised us.

Dr. Gilles Tardieu
General Medicine
Doctor who shared very meaningful insights with us and advised us.
Dr. Klaus Schustereder
Internal Medicine
Doctor who shared very meaningful insights with us and advised us. He also participated in the entire quality assurance part.
Dr. Patrick Schur
General Medicine
Medical chief at the University hospital Zurich, he advised in medical project pitching.

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