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This privacy policy describes the privacy measures on the data stored and processed in Katarina. The trust placed in us by patients, our partners and healthcare professionals is very important to us. We do our utmost to guarantee the medical and professional secrecy of everyone.


Katarina is a medical application that makes life easier for patients and healthcare professionals. The proper functioning of the application requires the recording and processing of data within the Katarina environment.


Data relating to your health is only accessible to health professionals with your explicit permission. It has been made technically impossible and contractually prohibited to access data related to your health without your explicit authorization.


Powered by the doctors and medical institutions that use it, Katarina simplifies the administrative tasks of healthcare professionals like never before, the application gives them the possibility to fully concentrate on the medical care of their patients.


Your personal data and in a wider context, that of Katarina users, will never be sold or passed on to a third party. See the founder's commitmentat the bottom of the page.

1. Privacy of data related to my health

1.1 The following are considered to be data related to your health:

  • Medical diagnoses
  • Treatments
  • Medical results (radiology, laboratory medicine, etc.)
  • Medical documents (reports, letters about you, prescriptions, etc.)
  • Any third-party information related to your health (medical history, family history, vaccines, etc.)


1.2 You decide who can have access to data related to your health

Your Katarina profile shows the possibilities for health professionals and healthcare institutions to access your medical data. You can restrict or remove these accessibility options at any time.

In order to further improve your medical care, a health professional in charge of your case can also open up the possibilities of access to some of your medical data to other specialists. This sharing of data between healthcare professionals, which can only be undertaken with your agreement, not only makes it possible to make the best clinical decisions, but also to speed up and simplify the process of medical care, in particular by avoiding unnecessary repetition of examinations.

2. Health professionals on Katarina

2.1 Before giving access to Katarina, our regulatory team checks and validates the following:

  1. These health professionals are indeed active in the medical field, from a professional point of view.
  2. They hold the valid identity documents: identity card and / or passport.
  3. Their titles, diplomas and authorizations to practice, with reference institutions.
  4. The the healthcare professionals have read and signed the conditions of use of Katarina, specific to healthcare professionals.


2.2 Can a healthcare professional view a patient's health-related data without their consent?

No, they cannot. To have access to a patient's medical data, the healthcare professional is technically required to receive the latter's authorization; he can also receive these accesses via another health specialist, who will have previously received the patient's authorization to share the patient's medical data with a peer. Additionally, the specific terms and conditions of Katarina allow healthcare professionals with authorization to access patient data only within the framework of their medical care, and this is valid even when the latter are assigned access permissions to some of the data related to the patient's health.


2.3 Does my healthcare professional have access to my administrative data?

Yes, they will have access to the following information about their own patients:

  • Last and first name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth and gender
  • Telephone number and residential address
  • Health insurance and employer 

Katarina's goal is to simplify administrative formalities, with the mission of having a positive impact on the comfort and quality of patient care, by reducing the administrative workload of health professionals. We offer them the opportunity to fully concentrate on the medical care of their patients.


2.4 In the event of inappropriate behavior on the part of a health professional

If a patient has any doubts about the respect of the privacy of his data by a healthcare professional, we invite them to contact the Katarina support team, who will then provide the person with a detailed statement of all read operations. on their Katarina profile. It will thus be possible for the patient to verify precisely which healthcare professional has consulted his data, and when.

The Katarina team reserves the right to suspend the account of a healthcare professional, who is involved in potentially fraudulent or irregular activities.


3. Your responsibilities to guarantee your privacy

3.1 Do not reveal your credentials to anyone

Each Katarina user is responsible for the actions carried out with his account. You are therefore personally responsible for your login details (email address and password); it is therefore up to you to ensure their security and confidentiality. In the event that you suspect a privacy breach of your credentials, we invite you to contact the Katarina support team without delay. Finally, in the event of transmission of your credentials to a third-party or in the event of negligence regarding the confidentiality of these, the Katarina team declines all responsibility in the event of the use of your data.


4. Anonymisation of your data for medical research purposes

4.1 How is the data anonymised?

Within Katarina, we separate all data relating to your health from data relating to your identity. It is therefore technically impossible to link your medical data to your identity.

Once your medical data has been anonymised, it is analyzed by our teams for medical research purposes, with the aim of offering everyone, everywhere in the world quality care by more effective, more economical and more natural medicine.


5. Update of this privacy policy

5.1 An element that will never change

The Katarina team undertakes and will always undertake actions aimed at providing the best possible medical care for patients. Moreover, we are committed to protecting your identity and data related to your health forever. See the founder's commitment at the bottom of the page.


5.2 Notification of updates

You will be informed of any essential changes made to this privacy policy, and will thus have the opportunity to consult any changes before continuing to use Katarina.

Founder's commitment to protection
and respect for your privacy

We live in a dis-empowered world, where everyone tends to shift the burden of their actions and the consequences of their mistakes onto others.

I think differently. This is why it is important for me to share with you my personal commitment to protect your identity, as well as data relating to your health. This is a commitment that I intend to keep at all costs. Katarina will never be run by someone for whom the moral values ​​that this position requires are not a priority.

Gregory Krieger - CEO

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